Tips on How to Find a Really Good Accountant to Help with Your Tax

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Accountant at work

Trying to find a suitable accountant can be a tricky task. There are just so many people to choose from! All you need to do is one simple search and then you become inundated with hundreds of websites, each claiming to be the very best in the business. The fact is, you can’t go wrong with most accountants, however if you want to find the best to suit your requirements, you have to do a little digging first. 

If you want to know how to find a really good accountant, then have a read through this article and we’ll share some tips with you. 

Know Exactly What You’re Looking For 

It’s important to know what you need before you begin your search. So, are you just looking for assistance with the books? Or do you want advice when it comes to your annual tax assessments? How many services do you require? Do your research, get a good idea as to how much help you need before you begin your search, that way it will be easier to determine who best to work with. 

Trust Your Gut and Shortlist a Few Favourites 

When you search the relevant phrases online, have a look through the various websites which come up and short-list a few favourites. Trust your gut and go with whoever catches your eye and seems trust worthy enough. 

Ask Around with Your Friends and Associates 

Word of mouth is a great way of finding a reputable accounting firm. For example, pop a status on Facebook and ask if any of your friends have any recommendations. Or alternatively, you might have shortlisted 3 or 4 accountants, so you could ask if anyone has had any dealings with them before. 

Testimonials and References 

A reputable company will have a number of testimonials on their website. Look for companies like this who have a healthy client base with plenty of positive feedback. In addition to that you should also look into following up any references where possible. Speaking to their active clients is a great way to get a feel for how they treat their clients and what you can expect if you were to work with them. 

First Contact 

Of course, you’ll be able to get a good feeling as to what an accountancy firm is like based on your initial contact with them. How enthusiastic are they about your enquiry? If they were unable to get to you immediately, how long did you have to wait? Ask them questions about who would be dealing with your account and how they would keep you up to date. 


Enquire about what sort of software that the accountancy firm uses. Are their multiple ways for you to stay up to date? Can you access a sort of CRM system or mobile application to check up on your current account? You want to be working with a modern account that has embraced technology in the way they operate. 

Again, go with your gut. The most important aspect of a client/accountant relationship is trust. So, unless you feel confident when speaking to someone, it might be worth looking elsewhere.