8 Common Uses & Applications for Foam

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acoustic foam

Foam is one of the most diverse and widely used materials on the market, available in a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes. In this post we are going to explore 8 of the most common uses & applications for foam, some of which may even surprise you! 

1 – Upholstery 

How do you think they get your sofa to be so darn comfortable? By carefully selecting high-quality upholstery foam to go inside the cushions, so that when you sit down it feels as though you’re lounging back on a wonderfully soft cloud!

2 – Insulation 

‘Closed Cell’ foam is perfect for insulating your home, here’s why: Open celled form is generally quite soft, airy and porous, which is why it is great for furniture application and so on, whereas closed cell is significantly more rigid, making it perfect for insulation. In addition to that, closed cell firm can also bolster the structural integrity of a building as well. 

3 – Filter Foam 

Filter foam is a variation of open celled foam which has larger pores, allowing water and moisture to filter through easily, whilst blocking larger particles from passing through. Filter foam is used in pond pumps and other devices which require large amount of water to pass through whilst reducing its impurities. 

4 – Acoustic Foam Panels 

Of course, the degree of open/closed cell foam used for acoustic panels is very much dependent on the level of noise absorption and reduction that you’d like to achieve. 

5 – ‘Roll and Crumb’ for Bean Bags 

And here we have the crowd pleaser, ‘roll and crumb’. Who doesn’t love a good bean bag? Foam can be diced up into tiny pieces and when jumbled together in a bag, they create a wonderfully soft and comfortable place to sit and lounge back. 

6 – Adhesives 

Foam adhesives or ‘glue’ is typically used in furniture though it can be used for a host of other applications as well, including card, cork, plastic and rubber. 

7 – Foam Skins

A foam skin is formed with a hard surface on the one side while being soft on the other. These are typically used for thing like, placing between your mattress and the bed itself to prevent it from sliding around and causing you any unnecessary discomfort. Foam skins can also be used for shipping protection to prevent fragile items from moving around and getting damaged. 

8 – Foam Wedges 

‘Memory Foam’ wedges are ideal for those who have trouble sleeping comfortably, allowing the user to sleep relatively upright to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness for example. They can be placed at the bottom of the bed as well to support those with leg and ankle injuries, affording a raised and softened position. 

Foam is also great for those who love DIY and enjoy arts and crafts. So, if you’d like to have a go at upholstering your own furniture or creating some exciting foam artwork and sculptures, visit a reputable website where it is available in a wide variety of forms and densities.