What are the different control methods in pest control, which is best, and why?

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Pests are a negative but sometimes unavoidable part of life. Prevention is better than the cure, but if you do get pests, getting pest control has to be a top priority until they are completely gone. 

Pests can cause all kinds of problems for you, your health, and your property, but it can be tough to know what kind of pest control methods there are and which is right for your situation. Here we will go through some of the key types of pest control to help you decide which is best.

What is the best method for pest control?

There are four main categories for pest control: natural, biological, chemical, and mechanical. Here we will look at each in turn, how they work, what they use, and how effective they are, as well as some of the negatives and downsides associated with them:

1. Natural

Natural pest control, as the name suggests, employs pesticides from natural extracts and plants. It is the safest kind available and environmentally friendly making it an excellent choice. Other methods include attracting predators through the right kinds of plants and organically balancing the natural make-up of your garden, fields, or even your home to discourage pests or get them to leave.

2. Biological

Biological pest control tries to avoid using chemicals by working with a knowledge of predators and prey to solve your pest problems. It involves using organisms to fight your pests and neutralise the issue. Sometimes, large numbers of these organisms are released and set on the infestation. 

It also takes into consideration parasites and pathogens as ways to keep down or get rid of unwanted populations, but it can be tricky and requires high levels of expertise and knowledge about the environment. 

Biological pest control can have serious ramifications for the local ecosystem if you aren’t careful. It is also mostly used on crops and outside areas rather than indoors so it can be rather limited compared to other options.

3. Chemical

There are many chemical pesticides that have been used for years and so far they have gotten rid of unwanted pests with great success. Many people use chemical pest control because it works and because it is often cheaper than some of the other methods available. 

However, chemicals can be hugely harmful, both to the environment and to people and other animals. It is tricky to target only the pest you want to be rid of, and instead, you can cause damage to everything from crops and the soil to your home and family.

There are some eco-friendly chemical pesticides, like systemic insecticides which are placed directly onto plants and eaten by the pests which then die without messing around too much with agriculture. 

It is important to make sure if you are using chemical pest control that you have checked what kind you have if it is safe to use around babies, children, and the rest of your family, and that you have prepared accordingly.

4. Mechanical

Mechanical pest control is perhaps the one you might first picture if you have mice, rats, or similar in your house. This refers to using traps, fences, or any other physical means to keep pests out and catch them once they are in. 

This can be an effective method for smaller infestations, like if you only have a couple of rodents and think you can get rid of them without using pesticides or poison.

They are not so useful, on the other hand, if you have a large infestation, the wrong type of pests, or have them nest somewhere that is hard to reach. 

Why is it the best method of pest control?

The best method of pest control is the one that works well, without causing any harm to you, your family, and the environment. 

You should always use quality and reputable companies like https://www.pestcontrolbrisbane.com who know precisely what they are doing. 

That way you know that the method used is the right one and that they have the experience and skill to get rid of your pests without risking any damage or problems.

That being said, the best pest control overall is a natural pesticide. Relatively new as an option, and now working as well as chemical pest control without the same negative side effects, choosing natural extracts that won’t hurt children, pets, and everyone else makes this stand out as the best choice.

Depending on your situation with pests, whether it is a residential or commercial problem, and the kind of infestation involved, you might want to try a mix of solutions. 

If you had an agricultural problem, for example, you may wish to try the natural biological method of introducing a predator or something to just attack your pests. 

If you are in need of a swift and effective method for debugging your house, spraying with the right products may be your best bet.

Choosing natural pesticides means you can achieve excellent results in no time, and may not even have to move your family out of the way while it is working. It is kind to the environment and to people and animals, unlike chemical pest control which can be especially harmful to the young and elderly. 


If and when you get pests in your home or business, it is essential that you take the steps to quickly rid yourself of the problem before the infestation damages your property, causes illness and distress, or brings about any of the many possible issues pests bring. 

While there are many different options for pest control, a natural method is the best choice to successfully get rid of the infestation without causing any further harm to you or to the environment.

For best results use a reputable and experienced company like Pest Control Brisbane to take care of the job for you quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your family or your life.