Is it worth getting plantation shutters? Are they still in Style in 2022? What are the pros and cons of plantation shutters?

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There’s been a lot of hype—and controversy—surrounding plantation shutters in recent years, which begs the question: is it worth having plantation shutters installed in your home? And do they remain in style in 2022? In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know on the matter, including sharing a few of the pros and cons that plantation shutters offer. Let’s get stuck in! 

Is it worth getting a plantation shutter?

The short answer is yes. If you are looking for an attractive, affordable, and highly practical alternative to blinds and curtains and any other window treatment, then yes, it is entirely worth getting plantation shutters. 

Certainly, there are more affordable options and for some people, plantation shutters might not provide the aesthetic appeal that they desire. However, for the most part, it is very difficult indeed to find a better window treatment than plantation shutters. 

If you aren’t quite convinced, stick around and we’ll back that up with some additional information. 

Are plantation shutters Still in Style in 2022?

Let’s face it, plantation shutters have been around since the early colonisation of North America (in the early 17th century). In fact, more people still claim that the plantation shutter design itself has been around since the ancient Greeks invented them some 2,500 years ago in 800BC. 

The fact that they are still being used to this day in 2022 stands testament to the bold statement that they are—and always will be—in style. 

In any case, when it comes to furnishing your home, you should worry less about what’s in style and focus more on how you feel about them. Do plantation shutters appeal to your personally? If you love their aesthetic appearance and want to reap all of the practical benefits that they provide, then whether they are considered as being ‘in style’ or not shouldn’t matter. However, of course, you can rest assured that they absolutely are in style and likely always will be. 

What are the pros of plantation shutters?

So, what are the pros of having plantation shutters installed in your home? Here’s a list of the advantages they can offer you: 

  • Greater control of light: one of the best advantages of having plantation shutters is the amount of control over the light you have. With curtains, unless they are blackout curtains, you have very little control over the amount of light coming into a room. And even then, with blackout curtains, you only have two options: lots of light or no light at all. Plantation shutters on the other hand allow you great flexibility and control with the option to control the individual slats. 
  • Additional privacy: another pro is the privacy that having plantation shutters provides you with. You can have your windows open with your plantation shutters closed, allowing you a way to cool your home without having to sacrifice your privacy. They even come with a locking mechanism as well. 
  • Durability: plantation shutters that have been installed professionally can easily last you at least 20 years – particularly if you take excellent care of them. That, and there are a wide variety of materials for you to choose from. 
  • Ease of maintenance: plantation shutters require practically zero maintenance at all. You can simply give them a dusting and wipe with a damp cloth on a weekly basis and you’re good to go. Curtains on the other hand require undraping and washing regularly (which is a ball-ache), and blinds are notorious for being a nuisance to look after. 
  • Safety, security, and protection: you can protect your home from UV damage, unwanted pests, and potential intrusions with plantation shutters. The closed-lock mechanism provides an extra layer of security and the slats can keep flies and other insects out while you have your windows wide open to allow a cool breeze the pass through. 
  • Resale value: plantation shutters are in high demand and homes that have quality shutters installed not only sell faster but fetch higher asking prices as well. Whether you plan to sell your home and move on in the future, having plantation shutters installed won’t hurt. 
  • Aesthetic charm: in addition to all of the practical benefits, plantation shutters look amazing. 
  • Timeless appearance: again, these shutters have been around for—some would say—2,500 years! And they’re still in style. It’s safe to say that they’re timeless in appearance and will forever remain a choice addition to the home. 

What are the cons of plantation shutters?

Of course, nothing is perfect. So, what are the cons of having plantation shutters installed? Here’s everything you need to know: 

  • You’re kinda stuck with them: once installed, it’s not so easy to have plantation shutters removed. That, coupled with the fact that they last so long means that you will be stuck with them for a very long time. While that certainly isn’t the biggest con in the world, if you like regularly decorating and changing the style of your window coverings, you will be quite limited. 
  • They’re not the cheapest: if you are looking for a budget-friendly window covering, there are far cheaper alternatives available. That said, you’ll find there are cheaper materials that can be used for your plantation shutters so you can find some flexibility. 
  • Unsuitable for tilt-in windows: for tilt-in windows, plantation shutters can inhibit their functionality, making them largely unsuitable – though not entirely unviable. 
  • You need more space inside: for plantation shutters that open inward, you need at least the space of a full panel to allow functionality. This means you need furniture placed well enough away from the windows to allow optimal movement. If you have smaller rooms with limited space available, this can be a negative. 


All in all, plantation shutters are a winning window covering with a wealth of benefits that far outweigh the negatives. Provided they’re installed to the highest standard, such as a Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters installation, then you will have a premium quality window covering that looks the part and is bound to last several decades at the very least.