Everything You Need To Know About Workplace Flu Vaccinations In Melbourne

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Flu season is fast approaching again, leaving many people worried that they will catch the virus. What many people forget about is that there are inoculations for the illness which will prevent you from being one of the unlucky millions that fall unwell to the virus. This is why many businesses opt to get workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne.

What are workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne?

Essentially this is an inoculation against influenza. Generally this will contain several different strands of the virus and is injected into the arm of the recipient. These inoculations are no different to any other type of jab, aside from the fact that they are undertaken in the workplace. This is considered as being preventative medicine, as it is done before you catch the virus, and will prevent you from getting the virus. Many people don’t understand how these inoculations actually work, and are hesitant to get one for this reason. However, they are completely safe and do not pose any risk to your health. Essentially, the jab will cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after the injection. The antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that were in the jab. In general, influenza inoculations are seasonal, meaning you will need to get one at least once a year. However, if you ensure you do this, you will avoid getting the virus.

Why should I get one?

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Although people throw the term ‘flu’ around lightly, influenza can actually be quite a serious illness; it is not unheard of to end up in the hospital as a result of it. It is important to note that every year the illness is slightly different, and therefore effects will vary. However, each year, millions of people find themselves with symptoms of the illness. Getting a workplace flu vaccination in Melbourne is a great way of preventing this from happening to you. It’s no secret that influenza can leave you feeling unwell for weeks, so why not avoid this by having a quick jab? It’s really a no brainer.

Will it make me sick?

Many people are concerned a workplace flu vaccination in Melbourne will make them unwell. This is actually a fallacy. This is simply because the jab does not contain any active strains of the virus. Instead, the inoculation contains particles of killed viruses. Therefore, your body is exposed to the virus in order to create the needed antibodies; however, you will not feel any influenza side effects or symptoms. The only side affects you may feel include light bruising and redness from the jab; this is a small price to pay for immunity to influenza for the next year!

Why is it a good investment for my business?

Although workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne are another cost for businesses, it is certainly worthwhile. It is important to remember that if any employees catch influenza, they will have to take time off work; this could be anywhere from a couple of days to potentially weeks off of work. Furthermore, this illness is highly contagious and is spread through the air, so if one person catches it, it is highly likely that the entire office will be unwell too. It is safe to say that the impact of having multiple employees off work at one time is much greater than the cost of workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne.  Furthermore, it is also important to remember that these inoculations will not make your employees sick after receiving them; it will just prevent anyone from getting seriously unwell during flu season.